Happy Birthday!

It’s here!  Today is the official launch of Richardson Retrospect!  It’s also our daughter’s 21st birthday!  We saved the official launch of the blog until today as a “gift” to her.

We’ll celebrate as a family tonight, but at some point, we’ll be hungry again, and dinner will be a distant memory.  The cards will get put away.  The money will get spent.  The hairdo will grow out.  What this blog symbolizes if the gift of creating your own destiny; paving your own way.

So, to DeVahna Renee, and the rest of the world, we present Richardson Retrospect: where hindsight IS 20/20.  We seek to educate, empower, and even entertain you while providing unique perspectives on a variety of issues.  It is our hope that our sharing today will help you avoid the pitfalls and potholes of life, tomorrow.

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