Exit Slips…for Teachers

Teachers often use exit tickets to informally assess what students have learned either in a particular lesson, or over a specific period of time.  It allows for students who are afraid to ask questions aloud, to ask them in writing.  It also allows students a chance to reflect on the lesson and give their feedback.

While teachers use exit tickets as a way to assess student learning, it can also be a useful tools for teachers to assess their teaching.

At the end of a lesson, ask:  did this lesson accomplish its attended objective/goal?  What went well?  What didn’t go as well?  What can I do differently next time?

At the end of each week, list your students.  Next to each name, write one strength they exhibited for the week and one area of concern.  For the strength, think of a way to praise them for it and further develop that asset.  For the weakness, find a way to turn it into a positive in the upcoming week.  Also, the students that you have difficulty remembering as you make the list or have difficulty coming up with a strength for, those are the students you want to pay more attention to in the upcoming week.

As the motto of this page states, hindsight IS 20/20 and being reflective in your teaching can help develop not only better students, but help you develop into a better teacher.

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