360 Degree Math

I quickly glanced over an article on this topic recently.  It was such a quick glance, that I can’t even remember what source I retrieved it from.  In my quick glance, however, I got the idea of trying this in my classroom, using whiteboards.  I tried it today and it went well!  The students enjoyed it and it allowed me to see where students were struggling in some of the concepts we were reviewing.  I plan to try it again, with whiteboards, or perhaps even chart paper.  Here…read about it for yourselves and tell me what you think! Andrea http://news.yahoo.com/stand-360-degree-math-revolutionizes-classrooms-220024511.html http://www.360degreemath.com/

2 thoughts on “360 Degree Math

  1. Try 400 grad mathematics; it’s easier. 360 degrees = 400 grads = 2 pi radians

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