Leadership in Action: Kimberly Henderson

In 2012, I completed the requirements for a General Administrative endorsement to be added to my Illinois Teaching Certificate.  The program, through National-Louis University, focused its coursework around the 7-domains of teacher leadership.

When I finished my program, I sought out various people with administrative licenses to mentor me as I tried to decide what area(s) I would like to utilize my new license/degree in.  One of the people I was led to was Kimberly Henderson.

Kimberly Henderson is the principal of Mollison Elementary School on the South Side of Chicago.  I follow Kimberly on Facebook and her posts about the wonderful activities that occur at Mollison always inspire me.

I plan to interview Principal Henderson in the very near future to share some of the fabulous programs Mollison has that are helping to met the rigor of Common Core, but today, I want to share this story:

“…My 1st interaction with [the student] was when I suspended her in SEPTEMBER for throwing a rock and cursing at a teacher. After keeping her in my office and talking to her and her dad for about an hour, I learned that her mom died when she was about 4. I checked in on her regularly when she returned, and asked her teachers if her attitude was improving. I told her if I kept getting [good] reports, I would take her with me to my salon for a day of beauty together. Today, I kept my promise. I will continue to bring her once a month, but now it’s based on improving her grades. I look forward to our future salon days together…”

Kudos to Kimberly Henderson for not only advocating for student learning and the profession, but for being a living example of leadership in action!

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