Day 6 – Show Compassion

I attended a workshop today on how to motivate difficult students.  It was awesome!  There were tips and strategies that can be used not only in the classroom, but in everyday life.

The one I want to share with you today is:  show compassion.

When people have habits we do not like, we are often quick to criticize or complain.  We hope that our criticisms or complaints will lead the person to change the undesired behaviors.  Instead, it makes them defensive and less likely to change.

Bad habits are often the result of some underlying cause.  Show compassion.  Help the person to identify what causes them to participate in their bad habits and work together to create strategies to overcome the habit.

The changes will not take place overnight.  They may need to start, stop, and start over numerous time.  Let your compassion fuel your patience.

Day 6 – Give Compassion.


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