Day 1…Again

Yesterday, my family began having Family Fitness time.  Everyday, we each commit to do at least 20 minutes of cardiovascular activity, followed by some sort of strength training.  We’d been taking about doing it or some time, but the first Monday of the New Year and the Polar Vortex allowed us an opportunity to all be home and have time to begin.

Afterwards, I had my daughter take 3 pictures of me – a front shot, and both sides.  I framed the picture in Instagram and labeled it “Day 1.”  This is not my first “Day 1.”  I’ve had several.  There was “Day 1” of Weight Watchers.  Actually, I’ve had quite a few of those.  Weight Watchers worked until 1 day of forgetting to track what I ate turned into 10.  And, there was the meetings…who has time to attend those every week?!?  Not I, said the cat!  So, I let Weight Watchers go.  Then, there was “Day 1” with the personal trainers, yes, plural.  I’ve tried them before.  I enjoyed the work out sessions, but then there was the days I didn’t feel like going, or the days when I could really use that money for something else.  That ended personal training.  Then there was “Day 1” of protein shakes and juicing.  That went well until I ran out of Almond Milk, didn’t have spinach or frozen fruit, or I overslept.  No smoothie in hand, I ended up at Dunkin Donuts, and that ended that.

Life is filled with many “Day Ones.”  I’ve worked several jobs.  All of them had a “Day 1.”  Some didn’t last long, but many turned into “Year 1.” My last job went to “Year 7” and I’m currently in “Year 7” of my teaching career.  There was “Day 1” of being a mother.  I’m entering “Year 22.”  There was “Day 1” of being a wife.  I’m entering “Year 12.”  All of these have had there challenges, and there were times I wanted to give up, but didn’t.  Why?  And not just “why?”, but how could I apply the same commitment to my weight loss journey?

Before I began a new job, or even became a mother and wife, there was a preparation period before the task began.  For my career, I had multiple years of schooling, as well as some on the job training.  Before I became a mother, I had the months of my pregnancy to get me ready for the precious gift.  With each additional child, I had the experiences of having the previous one to prepare me.  For marriage, we had the dating period, to prepare us for marriage, and the wisdom and guidance of other married couples, along with God’s Word, to guide us through the ups and downs.  The same is true for my weight loss.  I didn’t go to bed one night and wake up the next morning at 212 pounds.  I graduate high school 20 years ago weighing 135 pounds!  I know that I can weigh less than this!  I’ve lost weight numerous times over the past 20 years.  I’ve gotten down as low as 175.  What’s stopped me from going further?

So, I took some time to really analyze what’s stopped me from committing to losing weight and I’ve come up with this:

Everyday is Day 1.

I know they say it takes 3 weeks to make something a habit, and a bunch of other numerology theories that relate to weight loss.  I understand and believe them, but for people like me…3 weeks seems like a long time.  So, instead of beating myself up about not making it 3 weeks, or 3 months, I’m treating everyday as a Day 1.  Everyday is a new opportunity for me to start anew.  Tonight will be the 2nd “Day 1” of Family Fitness.  After 21 “Day Ones,”  I will take another picture of myself to see my progress.  I’m actually on the 6th “Day 1” of logging my food intake on  I like this site and it’s corresponding app for many reasons.  It reminds me of Weight Watchers, which I did have success on, however, I don’t have to try to figure out food points.  I find the foods I’ve eaten in its expansive data base and it lists their nutritional values. Based on my fitness goals, it tells me how many calories I should eat each day to achieve those goals.  It also tells me what weight I’m predicted to be at if I ate like that current day, every day, for 5 weeks.  It allows me to see what days  are “good days” and what days are “not so good days.”  I also like it because it’s FREE!  You can partner with other friends who also use the site/app, see their progress, and encourage each other.  I really like that because I really do not always have time to attend weekly meetings, but I’m always on my phone, iPad, or computer.  The quick encouragement posts are my “meeting.”

I do have long term goals.  By the 90th “Day 1,” I hope to be down 30 pounds.  By the 60th “Day 1,” I hope to have my blood pressure medicines reduced.  This isn’t just about me, however, which is why I’m glad my family is on board with this, too.  The other 4 members of this household don’t have weight issues, but we would all benefit from the increased energy levels and improved strength that fitness will provide.  I think in the long run, we’ll be better spouses, daughters, cousins, nieces, students, and employees, because we have committed to making everyday a “Day 1” of getting our bodies and minds in order.

So, make today your Day 1, and tomorrow, your Day 1…again.  Repeat that daily until December 31st and you’ll look back and see how wonderful your Year 1 was.


One thought on “Day 1…Again

  1. I absolutely love this. The transparency of it all is just fabulous. I wish you the best on each of your “Day Ones”.

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