Jack of All Trades: Pairing your “Jack” with an “Ace” to Create a Winning Hand

The saying, “jack of all trades, master of none,” is frequently used to describe a person who has quite a few talents, but is not particularly outstanding (perhaps even gifted) in any of them.

I am (was) Jack.  Over the years, I’ve tried a lot of things, with varying levels of success.  I danced for over ten years, and was quite good at it, but alas, some twenty-plus years later, my plies and leaps are nowhere as low or as high as they were when I was a teen. I played piano for years as well.  I was good enough to play for various aspects of worship.  However, I became a choir director, and that took my focus off the keys.  Changing ministries also changed my skill use, and I haven’t tinkled the ivory in about 13 years.  I’ve bowled, played tennis, swam, sang, did sign language, sold make-up, sold candles, and participated in a variety of interests and side hustles over the years.  I was a poster child for the “jack of all trades…”

Though I can see when and where my interest in each of these activities shifted, I will not say that I failed in any of them.  I just didn’t have an “Ace,” something to pair with my “trades” to creating a winning situation.  I paired my “Jack” with “fear,” “self-doubt,” “lack of planning,” and a variety of other things which created a bad hand.

It was a statement by Dr. Shante Bishop that essentially provided me with my winning combination.  She encouraged her readers; those looking to start their own businesses, expand existing businesses, or those trying to discover their passion, to know their worth, and to work whatcha got!

Out of that nugget of wisdom, I begin to reflect on what I was good at; really good at, and I came up with a list of a few things.   I then began to explore what those things were worth.  Finally, I began to work the list; exploring ways I could turn them into lasting success.  Side note: success isn’t synonymous with financial well-being, either.

The first item on my list led to the birth of Desserts by Drea aka The Rum Cake Lady.  As the name suggests, I specialize in making rum cakes.  Am I capable of making other dishes and desserts?  Certainly, but my winning hand calls me to focus on this specialty right now.  I’ll add other “cards” to the hand as I MASTER my trade.

Desserts by Drea is not the only thing on my list, however it is a starting point.  What’s on your list that can be started today, or in the very near future?  Explore, plan, and execute!  Don’t let your talents go to waste!  Find your “Ace” and create YOUR winning hand.

And stay tuned…Richardson Retrospect has MORE to come. #winning

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