Day 7: Tattoo Tales

People generally have a love-hate relationship with tattoos.  To each his own.  I happen to love them, therefore, I have tattoos.  Like many people who opt to get them, I got my first one in college.  It was an 8th note with a rose as the base.  It was small, because I was scared when I got it.  It represented my love for music.

A few years later, I’d met and married my soul mate, and a friend of mine convinced me to go to a tattoo party with her.  I got that small tattoo covered up.  It became a much larger rose with my husband’s name going through it.  It represented my love for my husband.

Shortly after that, I got my next tattoo.  It is an angel with my daughters’ names around it.  It represents my love for my three angels.

My last (but not final) tattoo was added to the collection a few years ago.  I went back to my first love, music, and got a heart that is made from a treble and bass clef symbol.  From it is flowing a music staff.

My next tattoo is already planned.  It will be a semicolon butterfly in support of Project Semicolon. semicolon butterfly tattoo

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