365 days.  Seems like a lot, doesn’t it?  But, when we break it down into 52 weeks, or 12 months, time seems shorter.

On January 1, 2013, we felt like we had 364 days to do so many things.  Even 12 months seemed like a long time to start that project, lose weight, go to school, finish school, etc.  As January faded into February, and Winter moved to Spring, Summer, then Fall, some may have questioned, “where did time go?”

So, as I sit here on day 365 and look back over my life, I can say this:

  • For 365 days, God has saw fit to wake me up with a reasonable portion of health and strength.  Not only did He wake me up, but he woke up my husband and my children.  I am indeed grateful.
  • For  52 weeks, I had clothes and shoes to choose from in multiple closets in my home.  There was fan and air conditioning on hot days and heat on cold nights.  We threw food away, had frost growing on food in the freezer, and our pantry never went bare.  I am blessed.
  • For 12 months, I was gainfully employed.  May not seem like much, but it wasn’t too many years ago that I was unemployed.  Even in this year, my husband lost his job in February, but had a new one by April.  God is indeed good.

365 days.  365 blessings…and counting.

Day 6 – Show Compassion

I attended a workshop today on how to motivate difficult students.  It was awesome!  There were tips and strategies that can be used not only in the classroom, but in everyday life.

The one I want to share with you today is:  show compassion.

When people have habits we do not like, we are often quick to criticize or complain.  We hope that our criticisms or complaints will lead the person to change the undesired behaviors.  Instead, it makes them defensive and less likely to change.

Bad habits are often the result of some underlying cause.  Show compassion.  Help the person to identify what causes them to participate in their bad habits and work together to create strategies to overcome the habit.

The changes will not take place overnight.  They may need to start, stop, and start over numerous time.  Let your compassion fuel your patience.

Day 6 – Give Compassion.


Day 4/5 – Time to Clear the DVR

I did not post yesterday because I was busy putting the finishing touches on my first “pay it forward” of the 31 Days of Giving.  After finishing the tasks needed to put the gift in motion, I sat down at the table to eat dinner.  My husband suggested that we move to another room so we can watch a new series he had recorded on the DVR.  As he went through the recordings to play the show, I noticed that we had a lot of stuff on our DVR; things we’d watched and never deleted, or things we’d recorded and never got around to watching.  I made a mental note to make time to clear the DVR and the light bulb went off.

There’s three levels of purging that are needed from life’s DVR.

#1 – Delete Old Episodes

The baby you had as a teenager is now an adult, yet you still carry the shame of being a teen parent.  The relationship that ended decades ago due to your lying, abuse, or inability to love has long been gone.  The other person has forgiven you, and moved on with their lives, but you’re unable to function in a new relationship because you’re still beating yourself up over past failures.  You struggled with a few classes in undergrad and dropped out.  It’s years later and you won’t go back to school because you had a hard time before.

Whatever you scenario, it’s time to CLICK THE DELETE BUTTON!!!!  It’s time to let the past GO!  Your PAST mistakes do not define your PRESENT nor FUTURE conditions.  Stop replaying the not-so-stellar moments in your life.  You’re missing out on the excitement of a new episode because you keep watching reruns!

#2 – Remove Series Record

Perhaps rewinding isn’t your problem; pressing play is.  And, it’s not your own DVR you’re controlling, it’s others around you.  Every time they attempt to do better, or to better themselves, you’re there to replay their prior mistakes and short comings. 

TAKE THEM OFF OF SERIES RECORD!  Press the “Live” button and allow those who have wronged you or done wrong to LIVE!

#3 – Stop Recording Idle Stuff

You ever go through your DVR and wonder, “why did I record that?”  Perhaps the description peeked your interest briefly and you recorded it thinking you would watch it some day.  The same is true in life.  You have that number, that e-mail address, that Facebook friend, that Twitter follower that you’re keeping around “just in case.”  Perhaps it’s not a person, but it’s those shoes, those clothes, those hats, those purses that you know you don’t need nor want, but you’re just holding on to them. 

STOP HOLDING ON TO STUFF YOU KNOW YOU DON’T WANT NOR NEED!  Just because it briefly interested you doesn’t mean it needs a permanent spot in your life.

There’s so much more in store for you in 2014, but you’re too full of past stuff to accept anything new!  Purge TODAY!



Day 2 – No Apologies Needed

Today I want to encourage you to stop apologizing.

I already see you looking at the screen with that “Whatchu talkin’ ’bout, Willis?!?” face.

I want you to stop apologizing for being blessed.

Perhaps you don’t literally say, “I’m sorry,” but your apology comes dressed like this:

Commenter: Girl, those are some nice shoes!

You:  These things are so old…and they’re a size too big.

You received a compliment, and instead of saying “thank you,” you pointed out what’s wrong.


It’s o.k. to be blessed!  You don’t have to make apologies or excuses for the nice things you may own, the gifts and talents you possess, or whatever else you have been favored with.  Simply say, “thank you!”  Thank the person giving the compliment, then thank Him who makes it all possible.

It’s Small Business Saturday!

Good morning!

It’s Small Business Saturday!  I encourage you to support local small business in your area.  Many of them cannot offer the deep discounts big-box retailers offer on Black Friday, but their personalized care and attention is farm more valuable than any discount.  Please make an effort to buy at least one holiday purchase from a small business owner this holiday season.


31 Days of Giving – DAY 1

31 Days of Giving

Just a reminder that today is December 1st.  Start giving!

In November, we give thanks and it makes us feel good. In December, we give gifts. For some, this makes us happy; for others, there’s stress and sadness. For the 31 days of December, our challenge is to give the gift of kind words. Pick a different person everyday to post a kind meassage on their wall or in their inbox. You can even call, text, email, or mail a card. Just make sure everyday, someone different is opening the gift of a warm greeting. WAIT…there’s more: if you want, take ot a step further by throwing in a weekly, random pay-it-forward. Pay the toll of the car behind you at the toll booth. Buy the coffee of the person in front of you in line. Drop a few coins & a warm greeting in the cup of the homeless person you pass daily. Find a way to extend your giving. Share it with your family and friends. Let’s share gifts of kind words all over the world!


30 Days of Gratitude

30 Days of Gratitude

It’s November and for many, it’s the month symbolizes the season of Thanksgiving.  Our fellow blogger & friend, Fenixrizes, has issued the “challenge” to daily list at least one thing you’re thankful or grateful for.  Post it on your own social outlets – Facebook, Twitter, WordPress, etc…but share it.  You’ll be amazed how much you have to be grateful for!

Do You Feel the Burn?

ImageThe first quarter has barely ended, yet a number of teachers I’ve talked to are not counting the days to Winter Break; they’re counting the number of months left until this school year is over!  They, like many others across the country are feeling the burn of Teacher Burnout.

From the demands of the profession, to the drive of the passion to teach, teachers work well beyond their scheduled hours.  They worry about budget cuts, and the demands of high-stake testing.  They pray about having enough resources, enough coverage, enough time.  They research best practices, better technologies, good websites, all while hoping they’re free because money just isn’t there for any extras.  They feel the burn.Image

Are you a teacher?  Do you feel the burn?  Read the following articles and let’s talk.  Comment or e-mail us at richardsonretrospect@gmail.com