Day 8: A Love/Hate Relationship with Books

Today’s challenge is to write about a book I love, and I book I did not like.  I have been on a journey I call the EdD Chronices for the past two years.  That means that my time to leisurely read is greatly diminished.  Even what I read scholarly is typically limited to a 250-word synopsis.  The limitation on my social reading is one of the reasons why I love my favorite book.  Rather I’m reading chapters, or just simply a verse or two, I can summarize it into three simple words: God loves me.  My favorite book is the Bible, and each time I read it, I learn something new.  It has great mysteries, more scandal than any ABC drama, and is full of inspiration.  And, it’s a book you don’t have to start from the beginning.  What other book can you start in the middle, or at the end, and still get the theme and plot?

On the opposite end of the spectrum, Sula by Toni Morrison is probably one of the worst books I’ve ever read.  It had too much figurative language, and too much imagery that it made the text difficult to navigate.  Reading it was more of a burden than a blessing.  Perhaps I’ll try reading it again someday, but for now, it remains of my “do not touch” list.

Whatever books you love or hate, keep reading.  The doors it will open for you in life are endless.

Day 7: Tattoo Tales

People generally have a love-hate relationship with tattoos.  To each his own.  I happen to love them, therefore, I have tattoos.  Like many people who opt to get them, I got my first one in college.  It was an 8th note with a rose as the base.  It was small, because I was scared when I got it.  It represented my love for music.

A few years later, I’d met and married my soul mate, and a friend of mine convinced me to go to a tattoo party with her.  I got that small tattoo covered up.  It became a much larger rose with my husband’s name going through it.  It represented my love for my husband.

Shortly after that, I got my next tattoo.  It is an angel with my daughters’ names around it.  It represents my love for my three angels.

My last (but not final) tattoo was added to the collection a few years ago.  I went back to my first love, music, and got a heart that is made from a treble and bass clef symbol.  From it is flowing a music staff.

My next tattoo is already planned.  It will be a semicolon butterfly in support of Project Semicolon. semicolon butterfly tattoo

Day 4: Ten Random Facts About Me

10.  I wash my hands first before I wash anything else on my body because my mindset is: why clean your body with dirty hands?

9.  My early career aspirations were: a corporate lawyer, an accountant, or an actress.  Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine I would become a teacher!  Since becoming a teacher, I briefly considered going to law school to pursue a degree in Educational Law.  I decided to pursue my doctorate in Teacher Leadership instead.

8.  I was a sign language interpreter at church in my adolescent years.  I still remember the alphabet and a few words.

7.  I could eat Mexican food everyday.

6.  I have a hard time accepting complements.

5.  I am truly a jack of all trades and a master of none.

4.  I have a very strong dislike for spiders.

3.  Although I am 5’8″ tall, I love high-heeled shoes!  I will rock a pair of 5″ stilettos in a heartbeat (as long as I’m not at work).

2.  I am proud of the fact that I do not have problem sleeping.  I lay down and am out in a matter of seconds, and I typically sleep all night.

1.  I have close to 2,000 pictures in my phone.  Many of them are selfies, but because I’m so critical of myself, I won’t post them (see #6).

Day 3: My First Love

I love to love.  I love to be loved.  So, in thinking about how to tackle the task of writing about my first love, I briefly considered the tales of relationships past.  Though few and far between, they weren’t really worth digging through the closets of my past to rehash pleasantly forgotten memories.  I decided instead to approach this task from another angle.

My first love is my mother!  And, she’s my first kiss, too.  40 years later, she’s still my latest and greatest inspiration.  She was my first teacher and has become one of my best friends.  The woman I am today is because of her guidance.  She is a model of wisdom and grace.  I’ve loved her from the first moment I laid eyes on her, and will continue to love her for a lifetime and beyond.


Day 1: Five Problems With Social Media

Social media can be a wonderful tool.  I’ve found many great recipes, reconnected with friends and family members, and even found this writing challenge via social media.  However, for all of its greatness, social media can also be problematic.  Here are five problems I see with social media:

  1. People have a hard time distinguishing fact from reality – Posters can create whatever mood or persona they’d like from behind a computer or cell phone screen.  Likewise, those who read post, can also have difficulty sorting through what’s fact versus fiction. This results in a lot of misinformation being transferred, resulting in useless posts, countless arguments, and sometimes severed relationship.
  2. People no longer understand social norms outside of social media – I am a 40-year-old woman.  The majority of my friends are in my age range.  In the world of social media, everyone conceivably can be your friend.  The result is a generation of children and young adults who do not know how to engage in age-appropriate conversations and behaviors in the presence of their elders.
  3. No one engages in true research anymore – if it was on social media, then it must be true, right?  Thanks to social media, people do not take time to read newspapers or magazines, or engage in in-depth research.  If it was on social media, then it must be true.  As a result, we have said R.I.P. prematurely to countless celebrities, as well as changed our Facebook settings without merit.
  4. Social media has made us less social – we’re connected with hundreds of people online, but connected far less with the people we can easily encounter on a regular basis with minimal effort.  Examine any dinner table in America and what will you see?  Yes, you’ll see families and couples having dinner, but how many are doing so without some type of electronic device in their hand?  And for those that do manage to engage in meaningful activities sans a device in hand, a check in via social media likely occurred before or after the activities commencement.
  5. There’s nothing sacred anymore – people tell or show EVERYTHING!  Just because you can say it, doesn’t mean that you should.  Just because you can take a photo of it and instantly share it, doesn’t mean you have to.  Some words should be left unspoken, and for the sake of our eyes and stomach, some photos should not be shared either!

These are just a few of the problems I see with social media.  There are others.  Despite the problems, I think the good out weighs the bad.  I will continue to use social media in ways beneficial to me.