Day 2: My Earliest Memory

I love makeup.  For special occasions, I entrust my face to the amazing hands of Nena Steward, founder of MakeUp Fetish Studios in Chicago.  Nena even hosts classes for DIY makeup.  I highly recommend taking one.

I needed Nena in my life about 38 years ago.  I was about two or three at the time.  I had watched my mother regularly open one of the bottles on her dresser and put some stuff on her eye with a brush.  Afterwards, she would come out looking even prettier than she already was.  I wanted to be pretty, too!  Feeling confident that I had watched my mom put on her makeup long enough to do it equally as well, I slid into her room, climbed on her dresser and opened the bottle with the brush, and put on the make up.  My screams are what brought my parents running into the room.  They found me with my eye painted shut.  It wasn’t mascara that I had grabbed.  It was red nail polish.

Fortunately, a trip to the emergency room allowed me to see another day, literally and figuratively.  It’s amazing that I love makeup the way I do after that experience.  I even like red nail polish!